Facing Staffing Shortages in Your Dermatology or Med Spa? HealthCare Support is Your Answer.

Dermatology and med spas represent an evolution in healthcare, combining transformative medical treatments with rejuvenating aesthetic procedures. As the demand for their services grows, many facilities are feeling the pressures of the modern healthcare world. Staffing shortages and the need to adapt swiftly are real challenges, but where challenges arise, so do opportunities.

HealthCare Support stands ready as a trailblazer, offering specialized staffing solutions tailored for dermatology and med spa facilities. Our mission? To ensure these establishments harness their full potential, serving their clients seamlessly and efficiently.

Dermatology and Med Spas: The Pinnacle of Healthcare and Beauty

These facilities blend the precision of healthcare with the touch of beauty. They address medical skin concerns and serve as havens for enhancing one’s natural beauty and confidence. With a growing societal focus on skin health and aesthetic improvements, the demand for their services is surging like never before.

Current Challenges Casting Shadows on Their Potential:

  • Skyrocketing Demand: A recent survey from ISPA (International Spa Association) highlighted that a staggering 62% of its members felt the demand for services exceeded their capacity. This percentage signals a massive growth in the clientele reaching out.
  • Staffing Shortfalls: More than turning away new clients, these facilities are losing out on recurring revenue. Skincare treatments often require multiple sessions, and without adequate staffing, the inability to schedule follow-up appointments leads to significant revenue loss.
  • Adapting to Modern Needs: Beyond the traditional roles, there’s a need for automating processes like booking with real-time updates and managing waitlists, which require specialized staffing.

While these challenges may seem daunting, the right partnership can illuminate the path forward.

Here’s Where HealthCare Support Shines

  • Customized Staffing Solutions: Our expansive network, built upon years of expertise, spans across diverse sectors in healthcare. We’re equipped to find the right fit, be it front desk personnel, specialized nurses, or even roles that bridge technology with customer service.
  • In-depth Understanding: Each dermatology and med spa facility has its essence. Our client-centric approach means we delve deep into each partner’s unique requirements, ensuring tailor-made staffing solutions.
  • Unparalleled Expertise: With a database of over 3 million healthcare candidates nationally, our capability to match the right talent to the proper role is unmatched.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, exploring new verticals and roles becomes imperative. HealthCare Support is at the forefront of this evolution, ensuring our partners have the best talent to navigate this journey.

Building the Right Team

Your facility’s reputation and success hinge on a dedicated, skilled team. With growing demands and expectations in dermatology and med spas, don’t let staffing shortages hinder your growth and diminish patient trust.

HealthCare Support is passionate about linking specialized talent with the roles you need to fill. Our deep database and innovative approach promise qualified candidates and the right fit for your unique needs.

Why navigate these challenges alone when a specialized universe of healthcare staffing solutions is at your fingertips?

Explore HealthCare Support’s Solutions Today

Healthcare Support Receives Great Recruiters Certification for 2023

MAITLAND, Fla. – May 17, 2023HealthCare Support (HCS), an Ingenovis Health company and leading provider of healthcare workforce solutions, has been recognized as Great Recruiters (GR) Certified 2023 by Great Recruiters, the leading experience management platform for the recruiting and staffing sector. HCS recruiters received an overall rating of 4.87 – exceeding the GR requirement of 4.6, further highlighting the organization’s superior processes in offering best-in-class experiences for candidates, clients and placed talent.

“HCS continuously strives to outpace the industry standard for innovation, success and satisfaction across this highly competitive labor force landscape,” said Chris Abel, HCS President. “This certification is a reflection of the organization’s tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in healthcare, and we are honored to have earned this distinction.”

To be considered as GR Certified 2023, recruiting firms must meet a set of criteria, including regularly soliciting feedback from jobs-seekers and placed talent, achieving an average Great Recruiters rating of 4.6 or higher and having at least 33% of an agency’s recruiting team achieve Great Recruiter certification. Qualifying organizations must also be proven to incorporate feedback into business processes, and display reviews and ratings.

“Last year saw major game changes in recruiting and staffing, not the least of which is the growing impact of candidate and client experience on agency success,” said Adam Conrad, Great Recruiters CXO. “Our 2023 GR Certified staffing firms don’t just talk about creating great experiences—they actually do it. These winners truly are the future of the recruiting and staffing industry.”

Ranked among the Largest Healthcare Staffing Firms in the US (Staffing Industry Analysts 2015-2022), HCS is one of seven category-leading companies in the Ingenovis Health portfolio. It offers diverse services for clients and provides clinical and non-clinical opportunities for experienced nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Through its superior service to clients and candidates, HCS further contributes to Ingenovis’ ecosystem of opportunities and supports the company’s purpose of building a home for healthcare talent.

To learn more, visit ingenovishealth.com.


About HealthCare Support
An Ingenovis Health company, HealthCare Support has led the way as one of the country’s top healthcare employment partners for more than 20 years. Providing medical workforce support across a wide range of acute and non-acute settings, the organization offers scalable employment solutions that meet the needs of the complex healthcare industry. The organization is headquartered in Maitland, FL. Visit healthcaresupport.com for more information.

About Ingenovis Health 
Ingenovis Health is an ingenious new force in healthcare, combining the power of industry-leading workforce solutions providers and a technology-forward approach to advance the delivery of critical healthcare clinicians to systems nationwide. Brands in the portfolio include Trustaff Travel Nurses, Fastaff Travel Nursing, HealthCare Support, U.S. Nursing Corporation, VISTA Staffing Solutions, Springboard Healthcare and CardioSolution. For more information, visit ingenovishealth.com.


In recent years, the field of healthcare has experienced many operational changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Such changes include an increased emphasis on the nation’s mental health crisis as well as a rise in popularity of value-based care. 

A value-based healthcare model determines and rewards success based on the results of the provided care. While increasingly popular, this model can be challenging for certain fields, like behavioral health. 


There are several obstacles that must be addressed before applying a value-based care model to the field of behavioral health.

  • Behavioral health suffers from a social stigma both outside and within the medical community, and is often undervalued as a result. Value-based care in behavioral health will work best once those in and out of the industry see behavioral health as one part of the overall health formula. 
  • On a similar note, many patients see behavioral health services as a distinctly separate entity than other health services. For a value-based care approach to work, awareness must be made promoting the correlation between positive behavioral health and increased physical health so that the general public starts seeking behavioral health services on the same scale as other health services. 
  • One important aspect of value-based care is the ability to measure results. However, it can be notably difficult for behavioral health practitioners to adopt a value-based care approach because mental illnesses lack clear measurable outcomes. 


Value-based behavioral healthcare can be achieved by: 

  • Offering behavioral health patients with accessible preventative care and mental health intervention programs.
  • Raising awareness about the benefits of getting an early diagnosis. Early behavioral healthcare is particularly beneficial to behavioral health patients with conditions like anxiety because a significant number of them will suffer with the condition for many years before getting a professional diagnosis. 
  • Adopting evidence-based instruments and data-sharing models that objectively measure quality care, track patient progress, and assess symptoms overtime. 
  • Staffing your behavioral health facility with qualified professionals who accept, support, and can deliver value-based care.


HealthCare Support is the premiere, national staffing resource for the healthcare industry. Our dedicated behavioral health recruiting team accesses a vast professional network to connect you with knowledgeable and skilled candidates looking for long-term careers. For more information on our services, call HealthCare Support at 888-219-6285 today.

HealthCare Support Named as a Strategic Supplier by Allegis Global Solutions

The medical recruiting service is the only healthcare-specific supplier included on the 2023 Strategic Supplier list.

MAITLAND, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HealthCare Support (HCS), a leading healthcare and medical recruiting service, has been awarded a strategic supplier partnership with Allegis Global Solutions (AGS). Only 1% of staffing companies working with AGS have received this designation, with HCS as the only specialized healthcare supplier included on the 2023 list.

“As one of the country’s top healthcare employment services, we recognize the complexity of the industry’s staffing needs and strive to exceed the expectations of the organizations we serve,” said HCS President Chris Abel. “HealthCare Support is grateful for our long-standing relationship with AGS and is honored to be acknowledged and included on this impressive list of suppliers.” A leading provider of global workforce solutions, AGS provides an annual Strategic Suppliers list comprised of top staffing suppliers supporting its managed service provider client programs. HCS’ inclusion was based on top scores received in measurement categories including impact, performance and partnership.

“A dedicated supplier network is at the heart of a successful extended workforce strategy and is integral to AGS delivering award-winning workforce solutions,” said AGS Global Supply Chain Executive Erin Hough. “Our 2023 Strategic Suppliers are shining examples of a strong commitment to unleashing the potential of the extended workforce for organizations across the globe.”

Ranked among the Largest Healthcare Staffing Firms in the US (Staffing Industry Analysts 2015-2022), HCS is one of seven category-leading companies in the Ingenovis Health portfolio. It contributes to the organization’s ecosystem of opportunities by advocating for providers and offering career development and escalation across the brands. Its superior service to clients and candidates further advances Ingenovis’ purpose of building a home for healthcare talent, dedicated to helping clinical and non-clinical workers grow, thrive and progress in their careers.

To learn more, visit ingenovishealth.com.

About HealthCare Support

HealthCare Support has led the way as one of the country’s top healthcare employment partners for more than 20 years. Providing medical staffing support across a wide range of acute and non-acute settings, the organization offers scalable employment solutions that meet the needs of the complex healthcare industry. The organization is headquartered in Maitland, FL, and lives within the Ingenovis Health family of brands.

About Ingenovis Health

Ingenovis Health is an ingenious new force in healthcare, combining the power of industry-leading workforce solutions providers and a technology-forward approach to advance the delivery of critical healthcare clinicians to systems nationwide. Brands in the portfolio include Trustaff Travel Nurses, Fastaff Travel Nursing, HealthCare Support, U.S. Nursing Corporation, VISTA Staffing Solutions, Springboard Healthcare and CardioSolution. For more information, visit ingenovishealth.com.

Why Pharmacies Should Use HealthCare Support Staffing Solutions

In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen a notable shortage of pharmacy technicians. Such staffing challenges have significantly impacted already-overworked pharmacists, resulting in reduced operating hours at pharmacies all over the country.

If you are in need of a few more reliable hands-on-deck at your pharmacy, there are still moves you can make to find qualified and available pharmacists looking for new career opportunities. For immediate help, reach out to HealthCare Support, your staffing solution for the healthcare industry.


The pharmacy staffing experts at HealthCare Support will take a close look at your current staffing situation and perform a diagnostic to see how it can be improved. Our experts will work with you to customize a workforce solution to fill jobs and balance your scheduling, like hiring temporary or permanent pharmacists who are qualified to cover a range of specialties. We provide registered pharmacist and pharm techs in a variety of pharmacy settings:  retail, specialty, compounding, hospital, and infusion.   

Our team has access to a vast professional network, making us experts at finding the employees you need, when you need them.


A temporary or directly placed pharmacy staff member can:

  1. Allow your pharmacy to remain open for longer hours, ensuring that your pharmacy is available when emergency situations arise.
  2. Provide short-term staffing solutions for employees on medical leave, company relocation/expansions, system transitions, etc.
  3. Save time on interviewing and onboarding for contract positions and reduce overtime pay.
  4. Help support pharmacists who are at risk of burnout.
  5. Become a full-time employee eventually after learning your pharmacy’s operations and culture over time.


For assistance improving your current pharmacy staffing issues, contact HealthCare Support. We can help connect you with talented long-term and short-term healthcare professionals looking to take on their next opportunity.

To learn more about our available candidates and services, give us a call today at 888-219-6485 or visit healthcaresupport.com.

How to Transform the Workplace Culture at Your Pharmacy Job

Pharmacists are among the most relied-upon individuals in the field of healthcare. This is, perhaps, one of the many reasons why pharmacists often report high levels of work-related stress. In order to avoid the risk of burnout, it is important to maintain a healthy workplace culture. 

Here are some ways to transform the culture at your pharmacy job into a healthy and productive environment that will benefit you, your fellow pharmacists, and your patients. 

Encourage Open Communication 

As with all aspects of life, good communication is key for harmony and productivity in the workplace. It is also an important aspect of maintaining a healthy atmosphere at your pharmacy. Conversely, lack of quality communication is known to cause significant amounts of stress at work. Therefore, encourage your staff to speak their mind to ensure they have a voice to address any issues or critiques that could improve day-to-day functionality. 

Check-In Often with Coworkers

Listening is the most important form of communication. You can take strides in improving your workplace culture by checking in with coworkers from time to time and gauging their mental well-being. You can’t expect employees, especially new ones, to feel comfortable speaking up amongst employers or coworkers that they haven’t built relationships with yet. Being the one to open the door can make a huge impact with both new and seasoned employees, as not everyone is confident enough to approach others and start conversations.

Celebrate Accomplishments 

Another aspect of a healthy workplace culture is celebrating achievements, both big and small. These celebrations don’t have to be extravagant; simply offering an employee or coworker words of praise is enough to brighten their day and uplift the mood of your pharmacy. Furthermore, by taking this seemingly small step, your employees will take greater pride in their work. 

Get Support from HealthCare Support 

If you’re looking to find a pharmacy workplace that will nurture your growth as a pharmacist, it’s time to call HealthCare Support. 

HealthCare Support is a premiere, national staffing resource for healthcare professionals. Through the use of our vast professional network and extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry, our team helps hardworking individuals discover the next step in their healthcare career. 

For more information on our open jobs and services, call HealthCare Support at 888-219-6285 today.

Pharmacy Terminology You Need to Know

Most of what you learn about your career is learned while on the job; this fact goes for pharmacists, too. While you may have practiced medical terminology in school, mastering a pharmacy-specific vocabulary is now critical to your daily professional life. Some terminology involves names of medicine, some are types of procedures, others are slang that pharmacists use around the office.

After some time on the job, these new terms will become second nature; however, in the meantime, here are some of the most important pharmacy terms you will need to know.

Important Pharmacy Terminology

  • Antagonist “Antagonist” isn’t just the bad guy in your favorite novel. In the world of pharmacy, an antagonist refers to a drug that binds to the receptor, blocking the action transmitted by neurotransmitters through neutral receptors. This is the opposite of an “agonist” drug, which stops the receptor from creating a response. 
  • Analgesic – An analgesic is an umbrella term for painkillers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, morphine, and others.. 
  • Rx – Rx is shorthand for prescription, derived from an abbreviation of the Latin word for recipe. Therefore, an Rx is a pharmacists’ perfectly-created recipe for a patient: the medication, directions on how and when to take it, and how many to take.
  • Orange Book – An important manual for pharmacists, the Orange Book is officially titled “Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations.” Published by the FDA, it is a set of rules and directions to help pharmacists choose generic substitutions for medication. 
  • Compounding – Compounding is when a licensed pharmacist combines ingredients in a drug, or multiple drugs, to create an Rx specifically targeted to the needs of a patient.
  • Batch Preparation – This term refers to the process of crafting a large batch of a single medication in order to have a stock of the product on hand when needed.
  • Absorption Rate – A pretty simple, yet, very important term in pharmaceuticals, absorption rate is how long it takes for a drug to hit the bloodstream.

Ready to Get to Work?

When you’re ready to work in the world of pharmacy, let us help you find the right place for you. At HealthCare Support, we have a team of passionate healthcare professionals who are committed to helping you get placed in the job you’re meant to have.. Give us a call at 888-219-6285 to learn more about our services.

Announcing Our New Clinician Support Program

We know that the last few years have caused unprecedented burden and stress on healthcare workers in America, even to the point of driving some out of the profession. At Ingenovis Health, parent company of HealthCare Support, we are committed to being part of the solution to keep clinicians in the field.

In response to this national healthcare crisis, we launched the Ingenovis Health ACT program to raise our level of care for clinicians and healthcare providers.

What Is the Ingenovis Health ACT Program?

The ACT program (Advocacy, Career, and Tools) is a commitment to providing you with the tools and resources you need to grow, thrive, and advance in your career. It was developed with insights from frontline healthcare workers and is designed to support the emotional well-being and career advancement of our clinicians, as you continue to go to the frontlines for patients.

Why Should You Take Advantage of the ACT Program?

Why? Because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

We have already launched some new benefits for our clinicians, but today is just Day 1. Over time, you will see ongoing development of tools and resources that will better prepare you for and support you in your current job, as well as helping you advance to the next level in your career, or even take breaks when needed.

With your input, we will continue to expand benefits over time, always with the intent to offer comprehensive mental health and well-being resources, career advancement tools and opportunities, and more.

You can learn more about the ACT program here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Nurse Pay

As healthcare professionals who work in short-term roles in facilities all across the country, travel nurses have the potential to earn high salaries wherever they go. If you’re looking to fill a role in areas that need extra nursing support, take a look at what will go into your travel nurse pay.

What Makes Up A Travel Nurse Salary? 

When non-taxable reimbursements are factored into earnings, travel nurses have the potential to earn more than nurses in a permanent position. However, the amount of money you earn is dependent on your individual situation. The following often factors into your paycheck: 

  • Schedule – If you take on many shifts, work overtime, and are available on call or come in on holidays, you can earn more money. 
  • Specialty – Certain specialties typically pay more than others. For example, ICU travel nurses can make more than medical surge travel nurses.
  • Location – Facilities in northern states tend to pay more in the winter months to incentivise more applicants. In contrast, facilities usually pay less in highly sought after cities, such as New York or Miami, to level out the competition of a larger applicant pool. If you’re open to temporarily living in a small town, you may end up earning more. 
  • Demand – If a new unit opens or if there’s an increase in demand, those positions will offer a higher compensation. 

How Do Travel Nurses Get Paid? 

Salaries aren’t the only way travel nurses build their income. When you’re on assignment, you can anticipate receiving stipends for housing, meals, and travel costs. Travel nurses will usually get these payments through direct deposits. However, those payments, and how often they come through to your account, ultimately depend on your staffing agency. For example, your agency will work with your facility to determine if you get paid weekly or biweekly with or without the addition of your stipends.

Are Travel Nurse Agencies Necessary?

Travel nurse agencies take care of many financial responsibilities, including stipends, salary negotiation, and billing. While it’s possible to handle all of these tasks on your own as an independent contract travel nurse, keep in mind it’s an entire job in itself. It’s hectic enough for a travel nurse to balance assignments every 13 or so weeks. To make your job as a travel nurse easier, work with an agency that will support your financial goals.

Be a Well-Paid Travel Nurse With HealthCare Support

Whether you’re a first time travel nurse or a seasoned one, working with a recruiter that cares about you and your goals can make your next assignment the best one yet. 

HealthCare Support is a national staffing resource that supports the professional, personal and financial goals of passionate healthcare professionals. We’ll help you throughout the placement process and advocate for your financial wants and needs. With compassionate guidance and highly responsive support, our dedicated team can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

To connect with our team, please give us a call at 888-219-6285.