Giving Thanks to Your Employees

Letting employees know that you appreciate their hard work not only helps improve your organization but also creates a sense of loyalty among your workers. And, by providing a positive work environment, your employees will feel more motivated to want to go into their jobs every day. Sounds pretty straightforward right?

If you’re a leader looking to give thanks to your employees, while at the same time boosting employee morale, here are 6 ways to do just that:

Give thanks

One of the simplest things you can do is tell your employees thank you for a job well done. Whether it’s face to face, through email, or by telephone, be specific on the action they carried out and make the thank you meaningful.

Organize employee events

Putting together a company outing such as a bowling event or happy hour get together is a fun way to show your appreciation. Also, whenever possible, try and involve your employee’s family members into your events. Not only do employees sometimes make sacrifices to be a part of the organization, but their family members do as well. Those late nights at the office spent meeting project deadlines oftentimes cuts into valuable family time, and some simple recognition of that goes a long way.

Show public appreciation

If you want to give an employee (or several) recognition, you can do it during a team meeting. It’s an easy way to show the rest of your staff that you notice and appreciate the extra efforts the specific individual(s) have shown. Just be prepared that certain employees may not like this option if they are shy or prefer that the spotlight not be on them.

Send cards for their birthdays

Keep a calendar in a central area such as a breakroom that has everyone’s birthday listed. Then, each month you, along with any managers or supervisors can sign birthday cards for your employees. Not only is it fun to get a little surprise in the mail, but it also means that you took the time to recognize your employees on their special day.

Remember to give praise for a job well done regularly

While many employees expect to get recognition after a significant accomplishment occurs, not many anticipate their bosses giving thanks unexpectedly. So, whenever you see fit, whether the task was big or small, take the time to regularly thank your staff when you notice they are doing a great job.

Pass out prizes or give mini gifts

When employees reach specific sales goals or get recognized by clients for producing great work, have little items you can give them. Even something small such as $5 gift cards to different stores or restaurants that employees can choose from will be very much appreciated.

As a leader, it’s important you give your staff meaningful and consistent praise that’s specific to them. As a result, you will improve loyalty, results, and the overall lives of your employees.


The Cost of Bad Hiring in Healthcare

It’s no secret that hiring poorly can cost a business up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more annually, which is why certain organizations put potential employees through such an extensive hiring process.

But even those companies who take their time hiring, instead of filling positions rapidly, still make the mistake of selecting bad hires each year.

To keep your company from making the same common hiring errors, it’s helpful to know what makes a bad hire and how much it costs a company both short-term and long-term each time a hiring mistake is made.   

Bad Hire

A bad hire is a person who negatively impacts an organization’s productivity and performance, retention rate, and company culture.  Some other features of bad hires include:

  • Being less productive
  • Having poor retention rates
  • Displaying poor performance
  • Making a great work culture unpleasant

The Cost of a Bad Hire

Due to numerous variables, it’s hard to estimate precisely how much a bad hire costs an organization.  However, when you factor in lost time and productivity along with the effect they have on other employees, a bad hire can cost a business anywhere from a few hundred dollars to somewhere in the millions.

Some of the things that go into the cost of replacing a bad hire include:

  • Recruitment advertising fees
  • Staff time
  • Replacement hires relocation and training fees
  • Delayed company goals
  • The loss of customers
  • Damaged employer brand
  • Lawsuit fees

How to Ensure You Hire the Right Employees

While it’s never a company’s intentions to make a bad hire, it still continues to happen. If your company has made multiple mistakes of hiring people who were not a good fit, then working with an experienced national niche recruitment firm can help.  A firm such as HealthCare Support (HSS), can help you identify, hire, and retain the right healthcare talent for your business.  We put our focus on placing top talent in the dynamic healthcare industry, which includes administrative to executive level professionals in the clinical and non-clinical healthcare field.  For more information on the employment solutions we offer, please call 1-407-478-0332 .

Tips for Partnering with HSS to Hire the Right Healthcare Candidate for the Job

Hiring employees can be a challenging process. It’s important to make sure the potential employee will suit your organization’s culture and team, as well as offer the skills and qualifications needed to excel in the position. Here are some tips to making sure you hire the right healthcare candidate for your business.

Accurate job descriptions matter

Providing an effective job description for the position is the first step in helping you hire the right healthcare candidate for your company. Properly identify behaviors, skills, and qualities the role requires, ensuring these assets will add value to the position. Develop a clear hiring standard based on those specific factors and remember to keep job descriptions updated if the position changes or develops.

Work as a team

Set up a meeting with the key employees who will be involved in the hiring process. Individuals with in-depth knowledge of the job and what the role requires are often better at evaluating how candidates will prosper in the position. Make sure to involve them in your recruiting strategy. Once you plan your strategy, execution begins.

Master your phone-screening skills

After reviewing a candidate’s resume, conduct a phone screen to help eliminate candidates that may not be right for the position. You can also allow your consultant at HSS to conduct a phone screen. If the candidate sounds perfect don’t hesitate to offer the job. Great candidates go quickly.

For phone screens ask open-ended questions to gather as much information as possible, making sure to include behavioral interview questions such as “Tell me about a time where you had a conflict with another employee.” Phone screens save time by allowing employers to determine if certain criteria are in agreement with the organization such as:

  • Experience
  • Scheduling
  • Qualifications
  • Workplace preferences
  • Salary requirements

Follow a standard recruitment process for Interviews

To draw fair comparisons from applicants, ask the same interview questions to help establish a consistent and successful hiring path. Have a checklist to help you systematize your employee hiring process by allowing you to keep track of your recruiting efforts.

Extend your job offer

If all the information collected during the interview process makes sense for your business, you can extend your job offer to the candidate. Remember that the key to any successful employment offer is to view it as a process that begins from the moment you interact with a potential candidate and ends when all screenings are completed and they begin the assignment.

Once your new hire gets started, remember to do your best familiarizing them with your business. Helping the new employee will ensure their success within your organization. At HealthCare Support (HSS), we know how challenging the recruiting and hiring process can be within your healthcare organization. As a result, we consider ourselves the matchmakers of the staffing world. Our hiring process focuses on putting candidates in the right job. Contact us at 407-478-0332 to let HSS help you meet your recruitment goals.

5 Things to Look for in a New Hire

When you need to add a new member to your team, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly what kind of person will be the best fit for the position. Some will be a great team player, but will lack motivation, while others may be extremely goal oriented, but unorganized. When the time comes to pick a new hire, here are five tips to keep in mind, so you know you’ve made the best decision.

Do they have long-term potential?

Think of them as an investment for your company. Do they have other talents that you may be able to utilize in the future? Are they a quick learner?

Are they able to use their talents effectively?

Drive and determination are just as important as talent.

Do they work well with others?

When you bring someone new into your business, it doesn’t just effect the people on top. Your new hire will influence everyone on your team. In order to keep your business running smoothly, and to make sure work morale is high, you need to hire someone who works well with who you already have.

Are they honest?

Will they give credit where credit is due? It is important to hire someone who will not stretch the truth in order to make themselves look better. You should look for a future employee who is confident and knows how to take a compliment, but will also recognize and praise the involvement of other team members.

Remember the market.

If you are hiring for a position with low supply and high demand you’ll want to move quickly and confidently when you find the right match. Time is of the essence!

How We Help

We consider ourselves staffing experts. We know the marketplace and it’s challenges and with us on your side you will spend less time finding a better candidates to interview for your opening. If you have questions or would like help looking for your next new hire, call us today at 407-478-0332.