Shaping Futures for Individuals and Their Families

At HealthCare Support we take pride in placing top talent in the dynamic healthcare industry. With a commitment to our values and our clients we are able to match opportunities for growth and success to our candidates and help create better futures for all.

Hear success stories straight from our candidates and clients.

This week has been very smooth. I want to thank the staff for working with me and being readily and available to answer all emails and questions when asked.

Sherita M

They made the transition seamless. It was very pleasant working with them. They were super helpful and I enjoyed the process.

April A.

This company is awesome to work for very reliable and consistent with job placement. I am very happy with the recruiters they are very knowledgeable and helpful with getting clients back to work. Thank Chris and Selena and everyone else I’ve worked with. Again thank you and I’m so happy to be working for a company that is truly here for their employees.

Elizabeth L.

Nicole G was awesome she helped me a lot with the process.
she got a better opportunity but Ricky A continued with my process he is outstanding and very supportive.
Awesome tips to start my career.

Andres S.

I’ve just started with Healthcare Support and my recruiter Ryan worked hard to find me the job that will help me in my career working in Medical Billing and Coding as an insurance verifier! As a CMA AAMA I wanted to focus on the medical office clerical in my career! Not only did I land the job I wanted but finally getting paid enough that I can live on! Ryan and the staff far exceeded my expectations and now I’m so excited to be starting my career! Thank you HealthCare Support, you are all my angels!

Ericka S

I have had bad experience with previous staffing agencies 8 years ago which is why since then I haven’t gone through a staffing agency till now. Healthcare support knows how to work with both its employers and employees. Way to go on showing the other agencies on how to work/function

Stephen B.

I have been with Health Care Support Staffing working on a temp job for 7 months now, everything is going well, I get paid every week on time, no complaints.

Wayne J.

Mr. Nader, I would like to take the time to thank you and Paige for all the assistance I have received to get this new Job started. Hopefully I become successful in this new Job and get hired as a permanent employee of Superior Health Plan I will work toward this goal for the next few months. all this would not be possible without your assistance, motivation, and encouragement. This is a new opportunity in life that people my age work for. I thank you with all my Heart. Sincerely.


James and the team at Healthcare support have been Amazing to work with. Even through their own severe weather challenges, I was always a top priority. Thanks for everything.


I was put into contact with Veronica G and let me tell you… even though the position I was going out for didn’t work out; I still want to say thank you for all Veronica did to help me. It was honestly a JOY to go through this process with her! She is such a fun and kind person! This is the first time in my life I can say I genuinely enjoyed the job search process. So, thank you for helping me through it and making it a fun journey, Veronica!