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At HealthCare Support we take pride in placing top talent in the dynamic healthcare industry. With a commitment to our values and our clients we are able to match opportunities for growth and success to our candidates and help create better futures for all.

Hear success stories straight from our candidates and clients.

I had such a wonderful experience with Health Care Support, that I actually worked two consecutive assignments with them before going on permanently with the company they placed me at. I worked with Heather Dumet both times. She was always so friendly and helpful, plus she never made me feel like she didn’t have time for me. Her follow-up was superb. I’ve worked with plenty of other agencies before and always seem to lose the recruiter once I was placed. Not with Health Care Support and Heather. She would even call me from time to time just to say hello, check in on how the assignment was going, or to see how my son was doing (which she always remembered his name and even sent a b-day card for him after I told her we were celebrating his birthday once when she called). So thoughtful. I highly recommend Health Care Support!

Krista L.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Anthony Asmolo and Kristen Wissick regarding a telephonic nursing position.

In the past I have worked with other recruiting services. My experiences have been luke warm at best. I am contacted via an email question regarding interest. Often my confirmation does not receive any acknowledgement. If I am lucky enough to speak with a recruiter, they may know very little about the job. The initial conversation is many times the only conversation I will have as I do not hear from the recruiter and have no way to contact them.

This was not the case with HealthCare Support. Tony and I had multiple conversation. My calls were returned promptly and courteously. He kept me informed about the progress of my application and the interview. I really appreciated the call ( person’s name unknown) on the day of my interview, asking if I had any questions and knew where and with whom I was meeting.

Kristen was also wonderful to work with. She has great knowledge of the recruiting process and made sure my experience was first class.

Sorry to say I had to remove my name from consideration. I was offered a job not connected to recruiting and did not want to pass it up while waiting.

Your company could not have been better and in the future if I need employment I will contact HealthCare Support first.

David S.

Working for HealthCare Support has been a very positive, fullfilling experience. I have been employed and working as a Temp for a little over a year now and my right hand has been Jan Paula Martinez who has always been there for me and inspiring me to excel. I love my job and I am so, so thankful for HealthCare Support and Jan Paula Martinez who stand with and support their workers. I have had nothing but the best from HealthCare Support and I am truly thankful for Jan Paula Martinez. HealthCare Support Staffing is a great Company and I am happy to be a part of them.

Willie Deana Hill, QI Specialist

I was moving from Michigan to Ohio and needed to find new employment. Working with Paula has been nothing less than wonderful. From the time she contacted me until I was hired full time to my position.She prepared me with excellent interview and work tips, updated my resume so I was sure to impress from beginning to end. I love my new job! Thanks again Paula for finding me and believing in me.

Cheryl Miller, Sr Billing Representative

I worked for HSS for a little over 2 years mostly on the same project. when it came time to become a permanent employee with the company I was contracting with, Paul Martinez was a great help in getting information I needed to update my resume.
When I was hired as a permanent employee it was kind of sad leaving Paula because she was great when ever I had a question about anything, if she did not know she would find out who did and work to resolve it the same day!
If you are thinking of joining HSS, do it!! They are a great company to work for!

Mary B, Provider Operations Coordinator

Your office has provided me personally with three of the best OAs I could have ever asked for. Thank you for all you do for us!

Teresa M.

I appreciate the follow up regarding my well being with in my position. It is amazing that it has already been almost 8 months since I started working on this temporary to permanent contract through Healthcare Support. It has been quite challenging from day one learning a new job which was quite different out of all my previous jobs I have had so far in the medical field. I had enjoy the system and what I do everyday the moment I sit down at my desk- something like the CEO from Humana feels on a short video as he describes his everyday feelings as “invigorating”.

Working in the approval request department where we call our members after with the final outcome has taught me how precious and delicate life is. To be that voice that members are eagerly waiting to hear about the status of their referral and as to whether they will have the awaiting medical procedure; the diagnostic imaging study for further treatment on their recent diagnosis; the medication so desperately needed to alleviate their pain, discomfort or illness treatment; the desired medical equipment needed to alleviate their daily needs are just some of the examples on how much and valuable my job is. It is in their voices of gratefulness that makes me be “there” for our members and value and appreciate what I do. Thank you!

Michael E

I am a single mom of a little girl,I had a job when Hanna reached out to me. I took a chance and with Hanna on my side I took a chance for a better life for my daughter and I. With Hanna’s help I now have a full time job making more money and a new apartment to call home. All because Hanna had a feeling and knew I could do it! I was just offered a permanent job with the company I am working for, but it wouldn’t be possible without Hanna’s┬áhard work and belief in me! She walked side by side with me and I will be forever grateful for all she’s done for my family! Thank you Hanna from the bottom of my heart!

Samantha Rice

Hello, My name is Candace Ashcraft I am currently working an assignment with HealthCare Support. I started on October 4, 2016. Kayla Carleton has been amazing. Any questions I had/have she was right there to answer. When my nerves got the best of me she was there to calm me and remind me that all was alright. She is an incredible person with an excellent attitude!!! It has been amazing working with HealthCare Support and I have to thank Kayla for that!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Candace Ashcraft

Candace Ashcraft

I literally had no money and two kids at home with me. I was desperate for a job and that’s when you happened. I was totally without any confidence-didn’t trust my judgement, didn’t believe in myself and felt worthless. If you hadn’t helped me with the interview, sent me those interview guides, go over what I needed to think about and build up my confidence I would have never gotten the job. So I so appreciate your help and professionalism. I just wanted you to know that your kindness truly helped me.

Thanks again John. You are great at your job and you make a difference. You are the best!!

Kelly H., Case Manager