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At HealthCare Support we take pride in placing top talent in the dynamic healthcare industry. With a commitment to our values and our clients we are able to match opportunities for growth and success to our candidates and help create better futures for all.

Hear success stories straight from our candidates and clients.

Thank You for all your help and support on this journey with Molina. I have been offered and accepted a permanent position as of May 2. I would have not had this opportunity had I given into my fear of leaving a permanent position to come to Molina as a temporary employee. You have encouraged me in ways and made me realize I did have to let my fear go and start this position. It has been a long hard 5 months and at times I didn’t feel I would make it but I remained positive and I did it. Thank You again I really appreciate you.

Yalonda M.

I had a wonderful first day on the job! The company is very welcoming and I truly appreciate formal training environments. I see this as an opportunity for me to learn and enhance my skills in Revenue Cycle and in return I intend to give them the best of me. Thank you again so much Shara!

Tanika Bruce

Today is my official first day as a permanent employee at Conifer Health Solutions and I thought I would be remiss for not sending you a note thanking you for everything you have done for me. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity had it not been for you and your company. You were fabulous in working with me and I know it was sometimes a challenge, given my immediate health issues from the get go. Please forward this email to your boss as I want them to know what a pleasure it was to work with you and to thank you for this great opportunity. You were always available when I had questions and quick to answer them for me.

Susan Martin, SPEC, AR Management/Custom Solutions

I’ve LOVED my new job so far, the morals and purpose behind Conifer that I learned are so inspiring. There really is so much room for growth and it’s such an amazing and interesting company. Thank you!

Chavo’ne Singleton, Dialer Rep

I wanted to recognize Alex for his great work to assist me with my new employment at Centene. He was fantastic, very knowledgeable and helpful through the entire process. Just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a great employee you have and how much I appreciated his assistance.

Martha A., RN

Jacqueline Vargas, Thank you, I cannot believe you considered me. You have been a blessing to me. Also just to let you know your company ROCKS!!! I have heard some of the other temps here complain about their service from other agencies, but have never experienced any service like yours, especially out of state. You and your company will expand more than you know. Word of mouth gets around fast…

Robin G.

One of my all-time favorite candidates was Beth W., who I had the pleasure of working with in the summer of 2014 for a position in Cleveland, OH. Our client was looking for a Human Resources contractor for a short leave of absence. Beth had extensive years of hospital based HR and was also an active Registered Nurse which I figured was a shoe in for this position. Unfortunately she was not the first choice and you could tell she didn’t feel the interview went well. Over the course of a couple of weeks, the first candidate backed out due to the short term contract assignment and Beth was requested to fill the role after our account manager (Laura) pushed for an offer.
The success comes from Beth’s desire to take a risk on this position and when the person she was covering for decided not to return; Beth went from a temp to a direct employee. Beth is still working there and has been an active part of giving us over 40 new positions to work on in 2015. She is a strategic partner in helping us grow that location. Our candidates, account managers, and recruiters are a full cycle success story to continue to change lives.

Kurt Hughes, Recruiter

I would like to send my thanks and appreciation to John Wood of HealthCare Support for providing the excellent and prompt service finding me an assignment as a HEDIS Specialist! It was a pleasure working with John, and I will refer more candidates to HealthCare Support without a doubt. John’s customer service and professionalism was outstanding! It is the employees like John who make any organization successful.

Please accept my wholehearted appreciation for having a great experience with John Wood!

Shantell D.


I think you are such a first class recruiter. If you do the same thing as you did for me, your applicants have all the necessary tools to succeed and land the job!

Lorie Y.

Hello my name is Hiawatha.

I was currently working at Aetna Insurance company, but before I was hired on at Aetna, I applied for Buckeye Health Plan, waiting for them to call, because I have heard that it was a great company to work for, and that became true. During my time at Aetna I received a phone call from Ryan Chojnacki, he stated he was with healthcare support Staffing and Buckeye Health Plan was in need of an Referral Specialist. Based on my experience I was qualified for the position. I must say that it was one of the happiest day of my life.

I been at Buckeye Health Plan since January 07 2015, I have learned a lot by working at this company and gained a lot of friends and also gained people’s trust such as managers, supervisors and directors, because as of February 22/ 2016 I will be an full time employee (permanent) with Buckeye Health Plan. You can really grow and move around within this company. I look forward for many years and growing with this company. I say thank you to my supervisor, and manager and also Ryan Chojnacki for believing in me.

Thank you


Hiawatha W., Referral Specialist